During the course of my work I have developed a special passion for clay pots. These are high-quality,

handmade pots from Asia, with unique shapes and colors. My colorful assortment comprises 300 pots from which to choose, if you are interested.

I’ve been working over the years in close collaboration with the furniture experts at Mebart in Burgstall. Some of my most exquisite items, in fact, are on display there the whole year round. If you’d like to take a look, I am sure you’ll find them as beautiful as I do!

I can also, upon request, arrange to have many different products delivered from reliable third-party suppliers. Maintaining quality is of the utmost important to me, because only high quality can be sustained and enjoyed over the long term.

A great deal of diversity and colorfulness awaits you at my plant storage facility. Get inspired – and find the perfect plant for your green space.