Approval of the plan and offer represents the go-ahead for work to begin. This can vary greatly depending on the project. The spectrum of services ranges from excavation of soil to construction of walls, paths, fences, floors

and terraces to roofing to furnishings to color scheme. In garden design the imagination knows no limits, and you can really emphasize the main features of any green area using light, carefully selected accessories and targeting planting. Playing with elements like fire and water is also extremely popular and can be very fun.

Since I prefer to design master plans for gardens and outdoor areas, I will be onsite up until the construction work is completed and will serve as the responsible contact person for all professional groups who are involved in the implementation, such as painters and electricians. In this way, all the work will be in sync and high quality is guaranteed. All you have to do is sit back and watch your dream garden come to fruition!